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  • Bloodshot Salvation Bloodshot Salvation #3 Nov 2017 Valiant Free Shipping
  • WWE #12 Dec 2017 Boo WWE #12 Dec 2017 Boom! Studios Free Shipping
  • Batman Detective Com Batman Detective Comics 975 Apr 2018 DC Free Shipping | eBay
  • Weapon H 1 May 2018 Weapon H 1 May 2018 Marvel Free Shipping
  • Sneak peek at the ne Sneak peek at the next Special Offer auction starting at $0.01 and FREE SHIPPING! Wanted Worlds wantedworlds.com/
  • Small scuff front lo Small scuff front lower staple side. Comes bagged and boarded. (See below for more details.). We do NOT go crazy with our tape! We understand how THAT goes sometimes. When pricing our comics we take into consideration both condition and current value. | eBay!



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